Childcare Classrooms

               At Prairie Pals we strive to provide the best care,

                       equipment and education for each child.

                 Each childcare classroom has been furnished

                with age-appropriate toys and manipulatives,

           child-sized furniture, ample art supplies, nap-time

                               cots, comfy blankets and more!


               Children in childcare receive breakfast, snack

                  and lunch.  For before and after school care,

               students will be served breakfast and an after

         school snack.  Click here to view this month's menu.


           Details about our classrooms can be found below:


Infant/Toddler Room

Our infant/toddler room has many amenities designed to  keep your youngest child entertained, comfortable, cared
for and learning. The classroom has an over-sized plush carpet, which will keep our floors warm and your child's knees
bruise free. Children can sit, crawl or toddle comfortably over  the carpeting's plush surface. The room is equipped with cribs
for infants and cots for older children. We have a clean and  comfortable changing station, ample storage room and a
six-seat table for infants and toddlers. The room has bouncers,  excer-saucers, and swings for infants and play climber

with slide, ride-on toys, puzzles and more for the older children. In addition to  these more age specific toys the room

has a sensory table, dolls, play food and kitchen, dozens of learning toys and much more for everyone to enjoy.


In addition to all the wonderful equipment in this room, we have enthusiastic experienced staff ready to welcome and care for your child, keeping them safe and comfortable while you work, and each day your child's teacher will send home a written report documenting the things they did that day. Furthermore, this room is cleaned thoroughly and materials are sanitized daily.


Two's / Young Three's Room

Our two/young 3 year-old classroom is vibrant and fun. This room  contains a separate bathroom with child-sized potty (for
potty training) in the room and comfortable diapering station.  Comfortable cots for sleeping, easel for art, child-sized tables
and chairs, dramatic play area with costumes, washer/dryer  play center, play kitchen, vanity and more. Car center with large

and small vehicles and play mat, construction center, grill, felt board and felt pieces, puzzles, science toys, many other play sets and more. In the Toddler/Two's room your child will have daily circle times with stories, Bible time, literacy activities, science activities, art projects and more. Children at Prairie Pals also receive breakfast, snacks and lunch. Our staff will work

with you when potty training begins and daily reports will keep you informed regarding your child's day.


Three's and Up Room

The three's and up room has many exciting areas for  your child to explore. Child-sized tables, writing desks

and  chairs, dramatic play with kitchen, grocery store and laundry  center, workbench with tools and hard hats, writing

center, art center, cars, trains, blocks and much more. In these  rooms your child will have many exciting activities

to  participate in, daily literacy activities, art projects, science  and/or math activities, music and movement, large motor

play,  Bible lessons, stories and more. Children at Prairie Pals also  receive breakfast, snacks and lunch.