Bridging the Gap from Home to School

Our philosophy at Prairie Pals Christian Preschool is to provide your child with an academic,

social, and spiritual program that will help them develop physically, emotionally, and cognitively.


As a leader among preschools in Oswego Illinois, we provide an atmosphere that is conducive to children's

learning while building their faith, self-esteem and foundation for education.


We seek to create a community of children and families who will share in the joy of being a part of Prairie Pals.

By creating a network of common experiences, we hope you will feel a sense of family.

Kindergarten Readiness

Our program will ready children for Kindergarten by giving them the basic fundamental academic tools

they need while nurturing their emotional and developmental needs. We also seek to provide our children

with an age appropriate spiritual life, which celebrates the joy and wonder of life and God's creation.


We achieve these goals with the employment of traditional and diverse educational systems

and tools. We seek to develop the thinking and learning skills that will enhance a child's ability

to reach full potential. Our Pre-K class extends the goals of the program to include special attention

to all of the goals of the state of Illinois Early Learning Project. This is a set of goals created

by the Illinois Early Learning Council to coordinate pre-kindergarten and Head Start programs.

For enrollment information, please click the Enrollment link located above or to schedule

a tour of our preschool, call Leslie Kennedy at 630-551-7143 or email